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Romanian authorities are now further divulging information about the arrest of jailed influencer ANDREW TATE. According to police, one of Tate’s known victims was lured to Romania under false promises of a marriage to Tate. Police are calling this the lover boy tactic which is often used commonplace by human traffickers around the world.

The shocking revelations come as Romanian authorities continue to grow their case against the Andrew Tate and his brother Tristan.

A Romanian news outlet called Gandu was the first to break the shocking news which went into great detail. Another woman claims that she was recruited to Romania and first introduced to the country at the airport by a female accomplice. There she was told she’d be living with her boyfriend (believed to supposedly have been Andrew’s brother Tristan) but that simply wasn’t true.

Romanian prosecutors claim the brothers ‘identified vulnerable people and exploited their needs for affection, trust, stability, creating the impression of a close relationship’.

The brothers had ‘the role of recruiting people, who were transported and housed in houses in Romania… and the role of supervising and coordinating the entire exploitation activity’, prosecutors claim according to the outlet.

What is the lover boy method?

According to internet research, the method is often used by criminals and sex traffickers around the world. It is described as preying on someone’s economic hardships with the promise of relationships; stability, gifts, and financial means. It is allegedly the method of choice used by Tate and his brother and their accomplices.

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