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Andrew Tate ‘s luxury cars have been seized by police amid human trafficking investigation

Accused of recruiting and all but holding women hostage for porn purposes, the disgraced macho influencer has fallen off of his perch.

Romanian authorities are continuing their investigation this week into alleged human trafficker Andrew Tate. According to reports, Tate’s Bugatti among others were the cars seized as cops continue to close in on his secretive compound and what he was really doing behind closed doors.

Further, a local news report confirmed the claims first made on social media. According to a Romanian news report, the gold looking car pictured was among those seized.

“The DIICOT prosecutors also seized the impressive car collection of the two famous millionaires, worth over 5 million euros. They also seized several buildings, including the building where the two brothers lived, and allegedly seized six young women,” the report reads.

Both Tate brothers remain in custody as they have been detained for 30 days pending the investigation.

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