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Report: FTX was in bed with Republican politician Mitch McConnell having donated more than $1m to his coffers in the run up to bankruptcy

Mitch McConnell has some explaining to do. According to reports published Sunday, the controversial Republican politician has been drug into FTX ‘s bankruptcy scandal amid reports that Sam Bankman-Fried donated $1m to his coffers leading up to said proceedings. Republicans have previously maintained that Democrats only did such, however, it appears Republicans in fact accepted funds from Bankman-Fried who is under investigation in multiple countries.

But the problem only starts there. First reported by Bloomberg late last night, the donation was made no less than a month or so before bankruptcy proceedings came to be. The donation was made directly to one of McConnell ‘s Super PAC ‘s meant for his campaign coffers.

The donation of course can actually be seen here as it is public information.

The payment was made Oct. 27 by West Realm Shires Services Inc., which does business as FTX US.

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