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Here’s what a possible Tik Tok ban means for the average American, an explainer

TikTok‘s future is uncertain in the United States following renewed attempts to ban the app. Lawmakers claim the app is a national security threat because of the app’s ties to China.

The Lowdown

Formally called the Protecting Americans from Foreign Adversary Controlled Applications Act, the legislation passed the House but has a tough road ahead. The bill aims to block access to TikTok on all devices in the United States on the grounds that it is a threat to national security.

What’s next?

The bill faces numerous hurdles even though it passed the House. Now it heads to the Senate where it almost certainly is expected to face heavy opposition as critics have called the move concerning.

What is Tik Tok?

TikTok is an online video platform that offers various pieces of content ranging from funny to serious to informative. The app despite common misconception is far more than just watching people take part in silly summertime video challenges.

This is their second attempt to ban Tik Tok however over Bytedance’s refusal to divest.

TikTokers far and wide have made it clear they’re listening. Numerous users have posted videos of themselves calling their representatives demanding a no vote or that they’d vote for alternative candidates.

It is important to remember that despite funny cat videos Tik TikTok is a job that pays taxable monies. People are making a living off of the app and banning it means they’ve lost their job.

How would it work?

If enacted, and right now it is a long shot, the consequences would be fairly swift for content creators. TT would have roughly five months to divest from Bytedance or face a forced ban.

There are many questions that remain whether the bill is even constitutional. Authorities would have a tough if not impossible time to trying to remove the app from phones that already downloaded it.

App stores going forward from that point would not be able to offer up the app for download for anyone. Stores that violate the ban would be fined upwards of $5,000 per banned user. Such fines would end up costing said stores billions.

It is unclear if the ban would prevent people from simply using a VPN and pretending they’re in Croatia when in reality they’re in Texas.

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