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And that’s according to people so close to the couple, that, it appears   they may be part of the contracting team responsible for putting together their new home. With days to go  before the royal wedding,   The Daily Beast, reports that  Harry and Meghan will “move into their own flat next door to Will & Kate, with connecting stairwells”  so that the couples can easily access each other and their families.

Harry and his newly minted   wife, ehum, will reportedly occupy  #1 in Kensington Palace  which is an enormous
“flat” if you will that occupies some 20 rooms.    #1 actually boasts that many rooms, and, an interconnecting door/stairwell to 1A, ehum, also known as the home of Prince William and Kate and their own expanding family.

Meanwhile,    other reports indicate that   Harry and Meghan are ‘planning to start a family soon’ as Harry has managed to convince her to give up alcohol and smoking.    Prince Harry has been a notorious advocate for no-smoking over the years, and, it makes perfect sense that his new wife would be the same.

In other news,    the couple  is also set to receive a massive house on the grounds of  the Queen ‘s  Norfolk castle.

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