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GOP: If we win in November we’re taking America hostage until things like social security and more are gutted

Let’s face it folks the GOP knows no bounds in its quest to bankrupt the modern American in exchange for lining its own pockets and those of its members. In a new interview, would-be House speaker (assuming the GOP wins power) Kevin McCarthy has made it publicly known once again that the party is willing to hold the country hostage one way or another if its bizarre and criminal-like policy agenda isn’t passed. McCarthy has admitted that the party will take America ‘s debt limit discussions as means to hold the country hostage until a ‘regressive’ policy change is underway in the country. This of course likely would trigger a global financial crisis and they are okay with this.

MSNBC reports that McCarthy ‘s comments align with previous GOP agenda comments that tell the tale of a party willing to gut what they call entitlement programs among other things. But the problem America, is that for things like social security to be considered an entitlement by default that would mean Americans wouldn’t be paying for it. Americans despite what the GOP says are actually paying for something in return and that something is called Social Security once it is time to kick their feet up and call it a day in their golden years. The GOP does not want this to happen and instead has framed this among other things as an ‘entitlement’ program that is bankrupting the country — that’s impossible because it is largely funded by American taxpayers.

Let’s dig into this example as to how the program is actually funded. The GOP is painting things like social security as if they are a government-funded entitlement program rather than a taxpayer funded entitlement program. This is the key part often missing from their long-winded and misleading argument.

Employers and employees each pay 6.2 percent of wages up to the taxable maximum of $147,000 (in 2022), while the self-employed pay 12.4 percent. In 2021, $980.06 billion (90.1 percent) of total Old-Age and Survivors Insurance and Disability Insurance income came from payroll taxes.

How is Social Security financed? | Press Office | SSA

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