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This article is not news related, however, it is an important informational reminder to our American friends about their voter registration statuses. American midterm elections are coming and they couldn’t be more consequential than ever.

If you’re simply trying to check the status of your voter registration click here.

If you’re trying to find out your voting district and location you’ll need to head on to your local board of elections website and use your information in the search tool. This will disclose to you where you should go to vote on Election Day. Please remember based on where one may live you may be required to present identification to vote. For example, you do not have to present ID to vote in New York City but this is not the case everywhere else.

If you’re trying to register to vote online for the first time and get paperwork/etc mailed to you click here.

Things to remember:

1. You are allowed to remain in line so long as you got there before the line closing time. Call your local board of elections/officials if someone or something is attempting to throw you out of line or in any way harass or intimidate you.

2. Bring water and a snack or two you may be there for a long time.

3. It is best to vote in the morning or by adsentee ballot (if allowed.)

4. Pay attention to your surroundings. Bad actors are actively trying to overthrow American elections and the voting process. Ensure your card is fully filled out and correctly and ensure you turn it in. Ask for a receipt if you suspect your card may ‘vanish’ without explanation.

5. Political violence is on the rise. Once again pay attention and if you notice something suspicious exit the polling place immediately and telephone the police and election officials. Remember it is illegal to harass or intimidate someone in a polling place let alone intentionally cause violence.

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