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Another U.S bank has been fined for illegally opening accounts that customers didn’t know about

But this time we’re not talking about Wells Fargo. According to the Consumer Protection Bureau, U.S bank which has over $559B in assets has been fined by federal authorities over claims that they repeated the same unlawful actions previously done by Wells Fargo. U.S Bank is believed to have illegally accessed consumer reports to open accounts for unsuspecting customers in an effort to meet “sales goals.”

Those goals often came with incentives for employees who met the goals as a whole according to the complaint against the bank. This is at least the second major bank in the country to face steep fines for their shocking actions.

“For over a decade, U.S. Bank knew its employees were taking advantage of its customers by misappropriating consumer data to create fictitious accounts,” said CFPB Director Rohit Chopra in a press release.

CNN reports that the bank now claims that it is pumping up incentives only for accounts that are lawfully opened.

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