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T.V Review: Netflix ‘s The Barrier, a post pandemic thriller, will shake you to your absolute core

Last updated on 2020-11-27

Netflix it seems has been releasing content that is a little too like real life right now or how it could end up if things don’t get under control and fast. In this T.V review periodicial, we’re going to explore the Spanish themed English language dystopian drama The Barrier.

The Barrier, per its synopsis, is about life in a dysoptian Madrid (that’s in Spain) post you guessed it mass disease. Families are subjected to bizarre checkpoints; government interventions, and near complete and total control by the Spanish regime. If that sounds all too similar to other parts of the world — that’s because it is. Real life is catching up to some of these movies as places like Ticket Master have already said no vaccination means you must have a recent negative COVID test to enter a concert premises.

But there’s also another plot twist. In this regime, the poor are legally separated from the affluent and the ruling class.

Reality looks a little bleak if series like The Barrier are anything to go by.


The Barrier surrounds the heartbreaking reality of Julia; Hugo, and Emilia and their quest to retrieve another daughter that has been in the hands of the Spanish government for weeks. Divided in the area by “fences” and sectors —- the family must navigate their way across the government controlled access point where poor people are discouraged from going simply because they’re poor.

But it doesn’t stop there. Controlled by private interests; financial gains for the rich, medical equipment and vaccinations that are questionable in themselves, this series is an absolute must watch for everybody.

Hugo is an unemployed married man stuck in post pandemic Spain that is rattled by corruption and fears that the virus (no pun intended) isn’t quite over yet. Separated by “wealth walls” into different sectors —- Hugo and his wife Sara quickly find themselves the victims of governments of government overreach and startling political abuse.

In this world: Unemployment is considered a disease in itself and can be prosecuted by the government. Unemployment means you will lose your children and your familt (“until”) gainful employment is gained or else.

The Barrier is like a crossover between almost any dystopian type movie over the past decade and complete and total GOP rule. It features elements of political rule; corruption, virus oppression, and a storyline that seems so real at times it would scare even the heaviest of people.

The essence of The Barrier is important because although much of it is cloaked in dramatisation —- after the year 2020 has been some of it doesn’t seem that far off. Set in Madrid 20 years from now — Spain is controlled by the ruling class; demanding vaccine passes that prove immunization/etc, and has divided each person by their creed and socioeconomic background.

Perhaps the most interesting part about the Barrier is now real the storyline seems. The characterization; the dramatization (although still eearily feeling real here), and the overall camera work here made for a magnificent viewing about what could happen post pandemic if people aren’t careful in how they handle it.

The existence of CIM eventually takes Hugo and “Sara” (who is actually Julia posing as Hugo ‘s wife to get passed government security) takes their journey on a wild turn that even I wasn’t ready for. The plot twist.

The Barrier is not for the weak minded though or anyone who may not be able to process they are watching part reality (like 10%) and mostly a dramaticized storyline. Alma, the villain of the series, is a wicked medical scientist that ends up testing out some botched vaccine on children she’s kidnapped under false pretenses.

It dives pretty deep and consists of about 13 episodes so far with new ones updated weekly.

Content rating: Pg-13

Rating: ****

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