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This week’s streaming guide is here so gather round fellow cord cutters.

  1. Luck (Apple TV+)

Animation movies are something we absolutely adore around here. Apple ‘s newest movie Luck is animated FAMILY FRIENDLY movie for the whole gang to enjoy. Without giving away too much — it centers around an unlucky leprechaun trying to figure out how to turn her life and really bad luck around.

Movie Grade: A

2. The Age of Adaline

Each week we pool together in our virtual screening room to watch a film we vote on. This week the staff picked film was none other than Blake Lively ‘s Age of Adaline (currently on Netflix.) This movie in fact was a little weird and without giving away too much — here’s what we’ll say about this one.

Adaline (Lively) stars as a woman who was a in reeally bad accident and somehow wakes up with the ability to stop aging. Despite time having kept going, Adaline ‘s age and physically appearance in fact did not. It is a delightful film that truthfully made one wonder: What if that were possible?

Movie Grade: B

3. Queenpins (Hulu)

From Griselda to numerous others Queenpins explores the woen behind some of the most notorious drug cartels in history. This is not family friendly and this should probably be watched once the ekids go to bed.

Bonus: The awful movie we talked about is called Unchartered on Netflix.

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