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The extraordinary tale of a man who hasn’t worked in 15 years but has been paid the entire time

An Italian man is finding out the hard way about skimming off of one’s employer. According to Italian police, an unnamed 67-year-old man is facing numerous charges including fraud over the fact he hasn’t worked in 15 years. As one could probably guess, Pugliese Ciaccio hospital officials aren’t thrilled at whata happened.

The man now faces abuse of office charges; fraud, and varying degrees of criminal prosecution. Apparently he somehow managed to stop working in 2005 as a civil servant to the hospital and raked in more than $600,000 USD.

The practice is believed to be fairly widespread in Italy. There have been numerous repoorts of “absenteeism” in the country in recent years. In 2016, the government responded by enacting legislation that essentially aims to crackdown on the practice though it seems difficult to have it stopped.

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