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Guest posts, Bazaardaily.com, and the pending refund controversy that looms

With the increase in viewership and unique visitors has come an increase in interest in getting posts featured on our websites. First and foremost, we are not to be confused with the .com version of this newspaper. They are not us and they are attempting to profit off of our name, some of which they are currently being sued for as we own the trademark to the name they are using.

NOTE: If you are somebody who may be affected by the seizure of the domain please contact us and we will assist you in our best efforts to reach the phishers behind the website. Putting their refund policy to the side, much of the content they have on their website is either illegally being posted (they’re not marking them as sponsored which is against the law in the United States) or it is flat out stolen from other websites. They have racked up numerous DMCA complaints against them.

Notifications were delivered to the parties involved on Friday. We retained trademark counsel by Saturday.

Before we go further we have to issue a warning to people paying those people to post on the .com version of the website that bears eerily similar to this one. We own the U.S trademark (that means .com rights) to the name Bazaar Daily. We are in the process of filing a UDPR complaint with the registrar they used for the domain to retrieve the domain along with its ownership.

From what we could find based on the website they have not dictated how that will happen so users likely will have to take that up with Paypal. Understandably, we would be happy to assist consumers to work with Paypal to explain to payment processors what happened. We have already been contacted by scores of people since our trademark documents appeared online indicating that they were unaware they were buying guest posts on the wrong site.

The webmaster behind the stolen and violating domain has passed themselves off as us for over 3 years.

Anyone who has purchased a guest post on this site will have to ask for a refund from them (we are not them you’ll have to take that up with them) before the site is returned to us as we would not be obligated to keep the posts alive. They have been warned at least 3 times in January 2021 that the impending case against them has been filed. Their web host; registrar, and the like are also all aware of the American trademark violations.

We have already filed the necessary paperwork for the mark “Bazaar Daily” so we are cautiously advising people to stop buying guest posts on that domain. We will not keep the articles alive upon return of the domain and the mark that we own.

I created the name “Bazaar Daily” when it came to “newspapers” and “informational based websites” like this one when I was a teenager. Scammers took the domain from me in a hijacking scheme and then moved the domain to an offshore hosting company that has now been made aware of what they did. I am willing to work with people who have guest-posted (paid) for the articles on the .com domain but people must first contact us.

The paperwork was formally filed again this year after several hardships trying to locate who these people actually are. They’ve used a number of fake domain registrations but we have since traced them to Belgium. As of 22 January 2021 — Bazaar Daily News owns the trademark to Bazaar Daily News and Bazaar Daily in the U.S with our formal registration number to soon follow. We have since begun the process to retain counsel in the dispute over the name that belongs to us.

We will by default manually have the content destroyed when the website is taken down by its registrar (we’ve been told to provide a valid mark registration and a court case) and then it will go from there. Both are currently underway.

REMINDER: Once again we own the right to the name “Bazaar Daily” and by U.S law the United States manages .com domains where our trademark is valid. They are profiting off of our name and we now have the right to stop them. We are not obligated to keep the posts alive however we may work with those that contact us ahead of time.

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