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Will Russia ever allow space for a Democratic voice?

Between a standoff with the Kremlin and the fact Russia allegedly poisoned him — one would think Navalny would’ve never turned to Moscow. But on Sunday that was reported to not be the case after Navalny arrived in Moscow from Germany via airplane. According to a spokesperson for Navalny, he willingly returned to Moscow to face an apparent probation violation of some sort dating back to nearly 2014.

Navalny has brought a a much larger discussion about life in Russia to the forefront of global discussions. Vladamir Putin, one of the world’s most notorious dictators, otherwise would prefer that not to be the case.

If the Kremlin had no role in his arrest why was his arrival airport randomly changed by the government?

Many Russians including human-rights watchdogs claim that the probation violation was in fact drummed up by Putin allies and Kremlin officials. Navalny has been wanted by Russia ever since they allegedly poisoned him some time ago which required heavy medical treatment in Germany.

The Kremlin maintains that they had no role in his punishment, although, watchdogs aren’t believing that tidbit considering the local prison service mysteriously managed to drum up prosecution for something years old and never proven. In 2014, Navalny was accused of embezzlement but it is unclear where exactly that went as he has been a target of political prosecution for several years.

As a staunch foe of Putin, Navalny, has done quite a spectacular job in causing many Russians to question the authority of the Kremlin and whether or not the Kremlin knowingly oversteps its lawful authority. Authority that has fallen into question numerous times after a spike in alleged government sponsored poisonings against people the Kremlin itself doesn’t care for.

On Sunday, it emerged that during a court hearing (which was sanctioned inside of a Moscow police station) Russian authorities sentenced Navalny to 30 days in jail for his supposed crimes in the country — crimes that still seem to largely be politically motivated against him.

Reports in the country show that he will still face a larger trial later on although the Russian government clearly wants him detained. Navalny’s activist partner, Ms Sobol, meanwhile is currently facing her own political prosecutions in the country. Prosecutions as Russia seeks to crack down on opposition similar to the way Donald Trump tried to do so in America and failed.

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