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The COVID-19 dilemma in Hong Kong is out of control as officials further crackdown to stop virus but are largely failing

First it was dissent and government crackdown that led to disruption to Hong Kong life. Now the autonomous region is reportedly struggling with a COVID bout so bad that some are calling it out of control but the idea of living with COVID isn’t permitted by the government. Mainland China has adopted and attempted to enforce a zero-covid policy throughout the area and has consistently attempted to chip away at HK.

Dissenters believe that the government on mainland China will further use the COVID-19 pandemic for political gain. That gain being full control over the independent territory in which the mainland claims has always belonged under one big umbrella. (Hong Kong isn’t among those regions because it was granted independence.)

Mainlanders see HK ‘s failure to keep up with the virus and any huge jump in cases in the area as a massive failure. But that failure they see is in part because they are brainwashed by the mainland ‘s propaganda and understand that Hong Kong should also be part of that system. The area is understood to be struggling with about 28,000 daily cases as of now and the worst is yet to come if local experts are to be believed.

Interestingly, Chinese officials have reportedly postponed the election of a new chief executive for Hong Kong to 8 May though many are already calling foul on that also.

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