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The GOP ‘s election moves are becoming a little more clear and they’re dangerous

Dangerous because the precedent that it would set would mean that Democracy as its was designed would be effectively over in the United States. First ignited by Senator Josh Hawley, er, it now appears that a host oof other Senators are either taking sides or flat out rejecting the idea all together. That idea being the far-flung but only symbolic move of refusing to vote in certification of Joe Biden ‘s election win in no less than a week or so.

Following Hawley ‘s not-so-shocking announcement (which was quickly chided by even the likes of Wal-Mart) his fellow Republicans chimed in on his dangerous ploy to disenfranchise millions of Americans because of a personal vendetta.

It comes as the GOP ‘s from the top vendetta against the American people becomes more clear as the days go on. On Thursday, Mitch McConnell once again declared that in no way would Americans get that increased check unless they lost some substantial freedoms along the way.

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