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Congressman-elect Luke Letlow backed early ending of lockdowns, often didn’t wear masks in typical GOP fashion

Luke Letlow, 41, died this week from complications of COVID-19 a disease he partially did not take seriously mostly in typical GOP fashion. Following his death, the internet took itself by storm trying to figure out how Letlow died but then it became apparent.

In the weeks leading up to his death, Letlow was often seen hosting even outdoor masks in close vicinity of others without a mask. Sometimes he, according to what was his own Facebook page, would wear masks for indoor events but that was not always the case.

In October, alike his then GOP counterparts Letlow advertised the idea that states should ease their lockdowns and reopen their economies. A feat commonly advertised by the GOP despite the fact that COVID-19 was ravaging much of America and was just weeks out from its then latest deadly surge at the time.

‘So while we’ve been cautious and I think both the state and federal level have taken numerous precautions for COVID-19,’ he said during the candidate forum. ‘We’re now at a place if we do not open our economy we’re in real danger.’ 

In case the delusion couldn’t have ran higher, a previously published tweet in April reads.

‘America is defeating COVID-19,’ he wrote in an April 7 tweet, ‘and our nation will come out stronger because of it.’  

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