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Scientists have found something potentially alarming in space, here’s what you need to know

Editors note: This article is part of on ourgoing coverage of outer space and the buttload of discoveries that they’ve made in 2020 alone. This article contains references to a few things —- and we’d like to make it clear that scientists and researchers are still confirming what they’ve found. When and if confirmed, however, it will rewrite physics as we know it.

Thanksgiving weekend turned up some interesting headlines for sure, but, this particular one people should probably pay attention because of the sheer capacity in which it could change a few things. Researchers revealed on Sunday that they’ve discovered a weird light moving its way through the Universe above us — a light that if they think it’s what they think it is could potentially rewrite particle physics as we know it.

Why is this important?

As Nature points out — researchers depend on what is called The Standard Model right now. That model pretty much lays out the idea that we should be able to flip the Universe and it pretty much be the same. The problem with that model is that the existence of this light and the twist they found in it would mean that model is now null and void.

Interestingly, the Standard Model would mean that by flipping the Universe the laws and physics and such as we know it would remain the same. That doesn’t appear to be the case anymore.

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