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Your healtchare in the U.S remains in the balance this week, here’s what you need to know

Tuesday may or may not mark a historically grim day for more than 54m estimated Americans. According to the Supreme Court ‘s docket, they will hear the case that could potentailly overturn and cancel out all of the Affordable Care Act ‘s healthcare laws. That law alone has insured more than 54m people and counting and has helped extensively millions get healthcare that they otherwise wouldn’t have had.

It’s important to note here that this should be something everybody is paying attention to this week. Conservatives have long argued that Americans aren’t entitled to healthcare and that it isn’t a right — add that into the fact that it is called Obamacare it’s no wonder that they want to abolish it.

The newly formed alt-right Supreme Court lineup all but guarantees that unless one of them has some sense to themselves — the law will be overturned on Tuesday marking yet another disaster for Americans.


Here’s what’s happening on Tuesday.

According to their docket, the justices will hear the argument on whether or not the ACA can stand or will stand in whole or part. The sheer reversal of the ACA would, per the Kaiser Family Foundation, result in almost instantly 54m+ American people losing their health insurance under conservative rule.

Editors note: It’s equally important to note here that the same people who want to take healthcare away from Americans are the same ones who have promised an alternative but have yet to actually put fortha promising proposal.

The overturn of the law could and likely would also result in an accidental declaration of a new “pre-existing condition” in America: COVID-19. Without the legal protections under the ACA, consumers would face the aftermath of insurers who otherwise aren’t obligated to cover pre-exsiting conditions in many cases. That alone could spell doom for millions as COVID-19 is still unknown and isn’t fully understood as to its origins or how it really kills the human body.

Under the current ACA protocools, a Coronavirus test cannot be used to deny someone coverage for that purpose. Without the law, however, many more people likely will die because they won’t be able to afford the obnoxiously large cost of such a treatment themselves. Unless the government makes treatment for COVID-19 free to the more 10m and more who will become infected —- the aftermath likely will lead to yet another major disaster for the United States.

Here’s why it matters

Not only would COVID likely become a pre-existing condition if the law is cancelled — things like Medicare would also see significant changes. This matters in the sense of your Moms; Dads, and grandparents. Medicare once had what was called a “doughnut hole” loophole that caused the price of medications to soar. Many elderly people; social security recipients, and others in similar times in their lives simply could not afford their important medications.

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