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France orders entire country into national lockdown as Coronavirus spirals out of control

PARIS, FRANCE — Beginning 1 November good lucky getting anywhere near the French borders. According to the office of President Macron, France is headed into a national lockdown that will last at least until 1 December. The major escalation comes as cases in the country are soaring, and, hospitals far-and-wide have seen their fears heighten that they soon could be dramatically overwhelmed.

This lockdown joins the likes of Switzerland; Germany, and at least four others who are scheduled to begin limited lockdowns beginning 2 of November. Europe as a whole is experiencing such a bad second wave — many fear it will eventually shape up to be far deadlier than the first.

“We are all in Europe surprised by the speed of spread of the virus,” Macron said. “We are overwhelmed by a second wave, that will be harder and more fatal than the first.

In France, er, people will have to actually fill out forms explaining why they need to leave their homes during the new lockdown.

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