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Tuesday In Review: Sex cult leader sentenced; Tik Tok and Shopify join forces, and more

It’s the day in rewind for us. It’s time to go back over the day’s biggest stories in case some of you didn’t have a chance to read them as they were published online. In Tuesday ‘s review, we go to various parts of the world; some in outer space, and others right here in the digital realm.

This daily rewind is sponsored by Purple Crown Entertainment.

  1. Tik Tok and Shopify are joining forces for a mega new deal

Tuesday, we learned that the likes of Shopify and video sharing behemoth Tik Tok are joining forces to allow Shopify items to be sold via video ads on Tik Tok. The deal would mean that you’re likely to see Shopify items now while browsing almost any section of Tik Tok —- it remains unclear whether or not they will be simple ads or those very annoying ones that you have to watch all the way through in order to exit them.

2. Airbnb is going public (officially.)

Popular home rental service Airbnb is officially going public despite the many controversies surrounding the platform itself. According to reports, the company chose Nasdaq for its market debut and is expected to raise at least $3B in capital or more from the public sale. That puts its estimated value somewhere in the neighborhood of $30B.

3. Tech CEO ‘s are expected to appear before the U.S Senate tomorrow

We’ll be analyzing these hearings play-by-play as the likes and the heads of Apple; Google, Amazon and a few others are all headed to Washington via video link to testify before the government. The U.S government has accused the tech overlords of essentially censorship; abuse of power, and becoming far too large for their own good. Particularly Facebook and Google are the most in trouble as one has been accused of abusing their search engine, er, and the other has been accused of political censorship.

4. Keith Raniere, the bizarre sex cult leader will die behind bars

The ruling is final. Convicted sex trafficker and cult leader Keith Raniere has been sentenced to 120 years in prison effectively meaning he will die behind bars. Raniere was convicted and sentenced on multiple charges of severe sexual abuse; rape, entrapment, and numerous other charges against dozens of women. Tuesday brought the end to a sensational case that brought down a literal monster.

Check back tomorrow for Wednesday’s brief but informative even rundown.

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