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The murder of Fahim Saleh just keeps getting weirder and grimmer by the day. According to the New York Daily News, more details have emerged about the reported suspect Tyrese Haspil. Multiple reports are now reporting that the killing appears to be solely based on a very disturbed individual and the fact he had stolen large amounts of cash from Saleh.

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As we’ve previously reported before, Haspil had been caught by Saleh stealing upwards of $100,000 from Saleh after having had extensive access to his bank accounts. Instead of initially filing charges, Saleh agreed to let him pay it back on a payment plan. Weirdly enough — Haspil per police was found at an $18,000 a month Airbnb in NoHo.

Meanwhile, multiple outlets report that Haspil had quite a rough upbringing. According to one published report, his mother was institutionalised the he was young followed by the passing of his grandmother when he was about 12. It remains unclear what will happen next in his case although his next appearance in court is 12 Aug.

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