Wack job FL lawmaker who helped sponsor state’s infamous ‘Don’t Say Gay’ bill charged with COVID-19 $$$ fraud

Florida ‘s former Joe Harding who represented Tallahassee is headed to prison. According to reports, the disgraced former politician was convicted of defrauding none other than the infamous COVID-19 relief program for small businesses.

Fraudster Joe Harding, 36, is headed to prison for six months. The troubled conman pleaded guilty in December to a number of charges including money laundering and stealing from the program ‘s small business offshoot program. The program(s) as many know came in many forms but in Harding ‘s case he defrauded the programs meant to help specifically small businesses.

In the case, Harding is accused of stealing more than $150,000 in relief funds for his businesses many of which were defunct. Prosecutors argued during the case that in the weeks following getting the funds, he made a serious of transactions each more than $10,000 that helped take him down.

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