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A reminder about images on this site

As we have explained numerous times before images on this website are displayed using a third-party software developed by an outside source. They are not actually on our servers, images are displayed from the originating site/source and simply mirrored in our articles.

A friendly reminder to readers: We are not based in America or the United Kingdom. We do not fall under the jurisdiction of either of the two countries. Images and videos displayed on our website are typically used in a fair-use manner as defined by law. As a wire service informing others, we do not seek or profit from direct use of images or videos: note.

As a website that isn’t actually hosting images, we must reference all issues with photography to the originating article that the photograph appears on because we do not have the photo file on our servers.

Copyright holders are required to have registrant #’s for photographs and the like. Agents/holders under numerous laws in multiple countries are not permitted to bring suit or seek damages for photographs that aren’t registered. [except in the U.K, where users can simply request that the mirror link to their image be removed].

To report a photograph and have the mirror removed: [email protected]. Please reference the article in question.

*We are technically a wire service in part therefore we opted not to display photographs literally on our servers because we do not have the time to deal with money hungry photo-agencies.

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