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Sex; secret bribes, and a massive doctor-led trafficking operation

DOCTORS in at least 8 different US states are behind bars and charged with federal crimes this week — after news of their shocking prescription-drug crimes surfaced.

Let’s digest. According to court documents obtained by request, 60 doctors have been charged by federal authorities in illegally accepting bribes for drugs; sex in exchange for heavy type drugs (think opioids and painkillers).

In the words of one prosecutor “it is/was like they had no care in the world other than the entire ordeal benefiting them [the doctors]. ”

The operation was done in part on behalf of the opioid task force created by Trump late last year. We are unable to name those indicted at this point, however, we do have a few details about some of those involved.

During publication of this report we discovered it is actually a total of 60 people, 31 of them having been doctors in some form (edit confirmed by The Common Room)

One doctor — who sort of humorously called himself the “Roc Doc” illegally prescribed medicines like opioids in exchange for money. Several parts of the indictment mention that he also allegedly screwed multiple patients in exchange for prescribing them drugs they didn’t need.

Those indicted reportedly came from:  Alabama, Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, and West Virginia.

Additional documents show that there is also a dentist that was caught wrongfully removing someone’s teeth; also the same dentist who was performing unnecessary procedures. In case it couldn’t get any weirder — the doctor allegedly also used Facebook to promote his prescription pad.

No shit — this man had people coming to his house like it was dominos for drugs.

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