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Some Delta Flights, United Flights secretly have cameras in entertainment systems

No shitting here guys. According to Buzzfeed News, United and Delta Airlines have confirmed customer suspicions that some of their international long haul flights have camera lenses in their entertainment systems.

This is where it gets pretty interesting. Customers recently took quite the closer look at the Panasonic provided entertainment systems on long-haul flights, some of which, actually reported noticing small cameras in the system. The reasoning? Per both airlines the manufacturer (in this case, Panasonic) apparently provided the cameras in the system in “hopes of future use of them for other technological purposes [“think video conferencing’].

The problem, perhaps, is that neither of the airlines actually deploy video conferencing on any of their flights. Both companies confirmed to Buzzfeed News that (allegedly) they have no plans to install the software.

Via Buzzfeed News

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