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Movie: Wreck It Ralph 2

Teen Rating:  PG

Overall Rating: 4 Stars


Ralph and his friends are back in all of their magical action.    As crazy;  ridiculous, and as homely as ever — Ralph leads his friends on another  wild adventure this time through the internet.    Ralph unfortunately finds himself  the reason why Sugar Rush got shut down, which,  led to an unbreakable bond and friendship being further cemented.

Vanellope, the all but adorable but equally  rambunctious sidekick,  aids Ralph in his quest to become a better friend.   The movie quickly finds that it has an audience with a number of laughs; a few inappropriate jokes, and of course Ralph’s enduring love for Vannellope.

As most would probably put it, uh, two video game characters who know nothing but their respective video games probably aren’t cut out to handle the internet by themselves.  As one would imagine, the  high-adrenaline Vanellope, loves everything racing and to get into the most trouble possible by taking the biggest of risks.  The high-flying adventures of the two-some, uh, right up to their adventure in that palpable race to raise money ….. we  totally wish we had a squad like that.

Wreck It Ralph 2 certainly lives up to its previous film Wreck It Ralph. Both offer movie-goers a wild time; great laughs, and a feel good in a time where more content than ever before is  harder than ever before to actually tolerate.

Our reviews are typically intentionally short to encourage people to actually go see the film. 

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