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Quarantine as I’ve mentioned before has introduced me to a ton of content that I otherwise would probably miss. Issa Rae stars in the new caper-comedy The Lovebirds about a couple who inadvertently witnesses a live-action murder while going through the problems the face in their relationship.

Bonus: Rae and Nanjiani are a tremendously well paired set of castmembers but couldn’t quite bring the story fully together because at times Nanjiani just seemed unbelievably boring.

First and foremost, I’d like to note that as usual Issa Rae did well in her role as a pessimistic girlfriend aiming higher for her and the boyfriend she has [ ] but with every relationship comes the equally annoying man that comes with it.

But back to the film.

Jibran and Lelani would otherwise be considered the picture perfect couple, er, that is until their relationship appears unable to withstand their issues and they become on the brink of a break-up. On what is otherwise a last-night-out-type-effort to rekindle their relationship, somehow, they end up getting carjacked by a dirty cop (an actual cop) whom is for some reason chasing some strange man on a bike.

Unknowing to them, Jibran and Lelani find themselves in the midst of a literal murder after the cyclist is (multiple times) ran over by their car. The caper-comedy at times appears both comically boring as it does comically enduring.

I can’t seem to place it but Jibran at times feels like he’s pretty at odds with himself and sort of lost while at others it feels like Rae ‘s character selectively leads in both a comical aand dominating star-power kind of way.


This is certainly as other critics have noted one of those films that are intentionally written to ensure you actually watch it while say cooking dinner. It’s full of otherwise laughs; even sometimes dry, and oddly touches on what a areal life couple may struggle with in their own relationship and how people go through tough times to figure things out.

If you’re in the market for some good laughs and a sweet escape from reality — this movie is definitely recommended. More movies should be written in a sense that they become even at times if boring a soothing escape from the otherwise grim reality we live in.

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