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Movie:  The Return

Grade:  3 1/2 Stars

This film is not intended for all audiences. Suggestive material and language not intended for viewers under the age of 17 years old. 

Final Comments:  Sommerville ‘s directorial efforts alongside his fellow producers was interesting to say the least. The dramatized efforts to portray life in a low income neighborhood, at times seemed overkill, but played greatly to the honest story line.

The Return stars Jay Sommerville and his closest in a film that some may guess is about life in a black neighborhood.  Sommerville, stars as an attractive father (?) who ends up  witnessing someone kill a child — some of which — he later seeks to avenge after a deadly shootout in a convenience store.

One might expect such a film to be pretty predictable, and, at times it was. However, The Return tells an important story that much of America often forgets: how often dangerous it is to be black.

Perhaps the most intriguing part of the film, was, the excessive use of foul language.   The representation of foul language, to some, may be a misrepresentation of black people — however — it was quite accurate if one has ever actually taken a stroll through similar neighborhoods.


Because we never actually review the entire movie in a Daily News review (because we’d like for folks to go and actually see it) this is where we will leave it.

The Return earns a solid 3 1/2 stars from The Daily News and earns a film recommendation from critic Mohammed SHK.

Check back soon for cast interviews.

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