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Over the weekend,   social media was set a-fire after several users claimed that they had gotten their hands on documents that confirmed we earn upwards of $10,000 a month.  A feat that would make us one of the wealthiest blogs in the world, and, one of the highest earning websites.

We’re not confirming nor denying the claims, mostly, because that’s none of the public’s business.  Our finances and expenditures are only available via SHK ‘s preemium website as we continue the process to become a publicly traded company for the first time ever.

The reason why we refuse to confirm or deny reports of how much we actually rake in from this website, is, because people out there like to say that we are in this for the money. We have risked our lives;  illegally entered countries, and taken on foreign and national governments more than a dozen times. Money was never a goal; truth, honesty, and transparency has always been the mission.

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