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LONDON — Amid the now highly publicized sex scandal involving Prince Andrew, it has now become known that the Royal Family has been granted a new form of secrecy, thanks to a sweeping new amendment  of the Freedom of Information Act.

According to the new changes, e-mails and other relevant and pertinent information that involves the royal family (whether in the means of public interest or not) will not be disclosed to the general public. The move, came in part, to previous disclosures made possible by the Freedom of Information Act.

The move, came in part, to previous disclosures made possible by the Freedom of Information act — in which disclosed for the first time that the Queen once tried to use a state poverty fund to heat the Buckingham Palace (and that one time, in which er, almost saw the release of prolific correspondence between the Prince of Wales and prime ministers).

What the palace NEVER wanted Britain to know!

In 2004, the Queen requested prevalent access to a state poverty fund to heat her palaces. Although, was later denied due to fears that if such news got out to the public it would cause great headaches for the Queen and the government.

On a number of occasions, the Queen has privately requested more funding for the upkeep of the crumbling palaces — some of which are in dire need of  face-lifts all across the board.

A private letter exchange revealed that those inside the Buckingham Palace and the British government had long been at war over who was the rightful owner of the funds from the sale of the Kensington Palace land. While the sale earned £2.5m,  Palace officials have long argued that it belonged to the Queen while the government argues otherwise. 

In 2004, Sir Alan Reid, keeper of the Pricy Purse secretly put in a request to the Department of Culture for a massive increase in funding to personally see to it that royal buildings be cared for.

A financial memorandum was once put in place, and is still active to this day, that sees the Queen receive £38.2m from Parliament each year.  Those funds go towards the ‘upkeep’ of her many palaces, and endless staff. The memorandum was put in place to formalize the financial relationship between the sovereign and the government.

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