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Broke man can’t pay for honeymoon, what he did next is horrifying

img_0138CALIFORNIA — In what may just be the most bizarre headline we’ve wrote this year, a California man was reportedly sentenced to death for the 2010 killings of his neighbors. Prosecutors say Daniel Wozniack, a struggling actor, wasn’t able to afford his dream honeymoon and wedding.

But, he had devised a plan.

Prosecutors say that Wozniack had plotted to befriend his neighbors Samuel Herr, 26, and Juri “Julie” Kibuishi. Daniel, reportedly wanted to steal Herr’s $62,000 in savings that he hadn’t acquired from his service to the United States military. In his plot to kill his neighbors, Daniel, had apparently stabbed Herr numerous times before shooting him dead in a military movie theater. He, later dismembered and disposed of Herr’s body before doing the same to his 23-year-old girlfriend.

He managed to then use Herr’s phone to lure Juri to his apartment where he shot her, and then, made it appear as if he had sexually (Herr) her. He was arrested days later at his bachelor party after detectives tracked unusual ATM deposits and withdraws back to his persons.

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