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New York City’s congestion pricing scheme has officially been approved marking yet another cash grab by pols

The MTA’s controversial $15 congestion pricing scheme has officially received the green light. According to reports, board officials approved the measure 11-1 in a formal vote.

The Lowdown

In a controversial 11-1 vote, the infamous $15 congestion fee is coming to Manhattan after all. On Wednesday, the MTA formally voted to enshrine the fee into action beginning likely sometime around June. The transit agency has spent the last several weeks installing traffic cameras and other security devices at what would be toll points.

“Funding the infrastructure of the subway, busses, commuter rail, while at the same time reducing congestion for all New Yorkers and helping to clean the air, this is a trifecta we think is critically important,” MTA board member, David Jones, said as he celebrated the approval according to multiple news outlets.

Nonetheless, critics have lambasted the plan as a ginormous cash grab that will backfire for the city. Some critics argue that it unjustly targets those who work in the city and will cause them to seek out other areas to live and work.

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