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Bag checks and increased security, the National Guard are back on the subways amid the recent major crime surge underground

In New York City today, reports indicate that Governor Hochul is expected to announce a slew of new moves to curb the huge crime wave inside the city’s subway system. In the past week alone, there has been everything from a random attack to an outright attempted sexual assault underground.

The Lowdown

According to reports, Governor Hochul is along with Mayor Adams and others expected to announce a series of changes to the way the city’s subway system will be patrolled going forward. The moves come after a series of bizarre attacks underground across the boroughs. In one instance, a young woman fought off a would-be rapist, in another instance a train conductor was slashed, and in another an elderly person was violently kicked and attacked at Penn Station.

The new changes are that the National Guard is expected to be deployed as are up to 1,000 other state personnel next to increased baggage checks. Crime remains up about 13% on the subway system according to the latest stats available from the local government.

This year alone there have been at least 3 different homicides inside the subway system. MTA ‘s transit bureau is expected to launch ninety-four bag screening teams to more than 136 train stations in total a move that comes amid an increase in weapons and guns being found or used within the subway system.

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