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Judge: Donald Trump must inform court of any immediate or forthcoming effort to obtain a bond in fraud case

Donald Trump will have to think twice if he was considering doing anything other than what’s right. According to reports, Trump has been ordered to disclose any and all bond errors to the courts or else.

The Lowdown

New York judge Arthur Engoron ruled Thursday that the indicted former President must inform the courts of any moves to obtain the funds. The ruling came after days of online suggestions and speculation that Trump could potentially obtain the funds for his massive $464m fraud bond from an overseas party.

The deadline in Trump’s case is Monday and it comes as AG Letitia James has already submitted paperwork to kickstart asset seizure against Donald Trump.

“The Trump Organization shall inform the Monitor, in advance, of any efforts to secure surety bonds,” Engoron detailed in the order, as well as “any personal guarantees made by any of the Defendants,” which includes the indicted former president.

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