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Eric Adams denies sexual assault claims after former NYPD aide claims he SA’d her in 1993

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has categorically denied the bombshell sexual assault allegations against him. This week in Manhattan’s Supreme Court a former NYPD aide filed a $5m lawsuit accusing him of being a predator.

The Lowdown

Many of the graphic allegations went public on Monday after Lorna Beach-Mathura filed the suit. According to the suit, Beach-Mathura claims that in 1993 she was driven to an unidentified area lot and pressured into oral sex by Adams. She refused and then he allegedly placed her hand on his erect penis.

A claim he has since denied. Following the suit going public, Adams addressed it during a city hall briefing.

“It did not happen. I don’t recall ever meeting this person during my time in the police department,” Adams said during a City Hall briefing. 

She maintains in the suit that the situation took place after she went to Adams that year for advice on getting passed over for a promotion. Beach-Mathura was one of the only Black women at the Transit Bureau at the time.

If you or someone you know has been the victim of a sexual assault there is help and you are not alone. Visit RAINN for more information.

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