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Notorious Canadian serial killer who confessed to killing at least 26 women is set to be eligible for parole

A controversial story in Canada this weekend. According to reports, one of Canada’s most notorious serial killers Robert Pickton is set to be eligible for parole. The decision to allow him to be eligible for parole has sparked outrage among the families of victims and beyond.

The Lowdown

Robert Pickton was infamously jailed for life in 2007 after prosecutors successfully argued his grisly case. A case that revealed he murderd each of the women and then fed their bodies to his pigs in a criminal case that sparked cannabalism references. His pig farm was personally used in all of the terrifying murders.

A fascinating podcast on this true crime case is available here.

Under Canadian law, criminal sentences have to be served concurrently which means that he will be eligible for parole in 2027 according to several reports. It is not clear how the parole board would vote given the severity of his crimes.

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