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Mom from Hell: Infamous Momfluencer Ruby Franke sentenced to 60 years in prison for horrific child abuse against her own children

YouTube Momfluencer Ruby Franke has learned her fate. According to a ruling in Utah, Franke has been sentenced to 60 years or four counts of one to 15 years served consecutively in prison for abusing her children in a saga that played out before the internet.

The Lowdown

Franke for those not active on social media was best known as the host of 8 Passengers. Though beyond the glitz and glamour of the portrayal online, behind the scenes Franke was quietly severely abusing her own children in allegations and later charges that would bring down her social media platform.

“I am humbled and willing to serve a prison sentence for as long as I need,” Franke, 42, told the judge. “I am committed to unlearning my toxic behavior.”

Franke and her former business partner Jodi Hildebrant were both arrested last August after one of Franke’s children escaped Hildebrant’s Utah home. At the time, the child was emanciated and managed to run to a neighbors housing asking for help — he was still duct taped when this occurred.

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