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Infamous sugar heir arrested on violent domestic abuse charges, battery as shock arrest goes public in Florida

Alexander ‘Nico’ Fanjul the son of Uber-wealthy sugar king Alexander Fanjul is in jail this weekend following a reported dust up with the law. According to reports, Fanjul’s heir got busted in Palm Beach Florida on alleged domestic violence charges that include allegations of strangulation and robbery.

The Lowdown

Fanjul is the son of sugar king Alexander Fanjul who owns Fanjul Corp and Florida Crystals both which run major sugar empires in the United States and the Dominican Republic. According to Page Six, Fanjul was found by police ‘standing over a woman’ when they arrived to investigate the disturbance. The alleged arrest report also found that Fanjul was standing over her while she was in a fetal position and appeared to be defenseless. Cops noted in the same report that she was heard screaming help me several times when they actually arrived shortly after 11pm on Monday night.

Fanjul according to the same report has denied the charges.

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