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Diddy’s son Justin Combs has released a statement after being named in a producer’s bombshell suit accusing Dad of being a serial sex pest

Diddy’s widely reported latest sexual assault allegations have triggered a statement from his son Justin Combs. Combs was notably mentioned in the suit which claimed everything from racketeering to outright allegations of sexual assault.

The Lowdown

According to Hot 97, Justin Combs has responded to the allegations that mentioned his name inside the 73-page lawsuit filed against his father Diddy. In the complaint, Diddy; Justin, and company were accused of depraved acts of sexual assault; racketeering, procuring underage girls and sex workers, and repeated sexual harassment.

“Justin Combs categorically denies these absurd allegations,” the rep says. “They are all lies! This is a a clear example of a desperate person taking desperate measures in hopes of a pay day. There will be legal consequences for ALL defamatory statements made about the Combs family.”

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