Pitchfork is closing down and people are really upset how Anna Wintour reportedly announced layoffs to staffers: Reports

Anna Wintour apparently literally never takes her shades off anywhere. According to reports, her shades have landed her in trouble this week following a memo to staff at Pitchfork that the magazine is closing down.

According to former staffers, Anna Wintour ‘s trusty sunglasses decided to fire a ton of staffers at Pitchfork this week amid reports that the music magazine will be folded into GQ operations. Reports claim that the magazine has been struggling for a while in terms of advertising dollars.

“one absolutely bizarro detail from this week is that Anna Wintour – seated indoors at a conference table – did not remove her sunglasses while she was telling us that we were about to get canned,” former Pitchfork writer Allison Hussey claimed via X.

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