A notice about the security warning some people may see on our network when connecting to Bazaar Daily

Hi friends,

We are testing out some new features to ensure the safety and security of all of our visitors. These features may include new security connection warnings authorizing user connections. This is an effort to protect our server from malicious actors and to better the overall user experience.

This is not a virus. This is not a security certificate warning. This is a connection notice verifying that visitors are legit; human, and not of course some bad actor in the middle of no where.

Most connection notices will not appear but when they do it is only for a few seconds. This is not a permanent new feature and is only going to be used in times that our IT department detects that the server needs to be protected during high-traffic hours or times.

We are so appreciative of all of the recent growth and are taking the necessary steps to ensure everything goes smoothly.

– Bazaar Daily News

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