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Good afternoon everyone and welcome to this edition of Bazaar Express. It looks like according to the weather in numerous places around the world cold fronts are settling in. Bundle up and keep warm.

Let’s begin.

  1. Sub-zero temperatures in Finland and Swden have brought the Nordic region to an icy halt.

If you thought the weather along the East Coast in the United States today is perhaps a tad chilly, Finland and Sweden would like a word or two. According to weather reports, both countries are experiencing temperatures that are at least 40 below zero. This sort of goes without saying folks if you are in the area stay inside and stay as warm as possible Tik Tok videos are not worth your life.

2. What’s on TV tonight?

*Our streaming guide provided by our partner in the project Just Watch returns on 8 January 2024 and will be published following the Bazaar Express newsletter usually every Tuesday after that.

Tonight we’re gathering around with the gang to watch The Color Purple but since it is fairly cold outside we are also watching Napoleon.

3. The latest in Gaza

It seems Israel has different ideas for Gaza than it has been leading on for some time now.


4. The woman Kim Davis in Kentucky who a few years ago illegally refused to provide a marriage license to a same-sex couple has lost her bid to avoid paying legal fees in relation to the case.

Kim Davis who went viral a few years ago for her hateful behavior when she refused to perform the duties of her job has once again come back to haunt her. According to The Guardian, Davis has been ordered to pay $226k in legal fees in relation to her failure to simply do her job and leave it at that.

5. Israel ‘s Supreme Court has ruled against part of Netanyahu ‘s attempted hijacking of the Israeli government and judiciary in the country.

A big setback in Bibi ‘s huge power grab in Israel. According to reports, the country’s highest court has ruled against part of the plan that would otherwise weaken the judiciary as a whole and instead make it far more in favor of Netanyahu ‘s government. In essence, Netanyahu ‘s plan is an open ended effort to hijack Israeli Democracy placing civil liberties and other common freedoms in jeopardy.

But we’ll have to wait and see how this plays out now that the Supreme Court has weighed in.

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