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It has been reported that a federal grand jury has found Rudy Giuliani responsible for a significant amount of money, exceeding $148m, regarding the allegations he made against two Georgia election workers. In particular, Ruby Freeman and Wandrea “Shaye” Moss were implicated in claims that they had somehow helped manipulate the election process for Joe Biden, which were ultimately found to be baseless.

Today, Rudy Giuliani received a significant setback as the discredited lawyer and former New York City mayor is poised to face additional legal challenges. The jury in the Georgia case reached a verdict on Friday, concluding that Giuliani deliberately propagated falsehoods despite being aware of their falsity. Giuliani proceeded to intensify his claims during the trial this week, even outside the courthouse, despite the mounting evidence against him.

Guiliani‘s attorneys have called any large settlement a civil death penalty, however, $148m means Giuliani is effectively penniless.

The Breakdown

According to the ruling, he owes a total of $75 million in punitive damages, plus additional monies with awards of $20 million to each of the two women for emotional distress and more than $16 million each for defamation.

Some experts suggest that it could take the women more than $48m in total to collectively reputation the horrific damage done to their reputations as a result of Giuliani’s dishonesty.

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