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Rudy Guiliani has finally fallen. The disgraced lawyer who was sued for $148m and (lost the verdict) is now the subject of a new one. According to reports, the judge in the case has ruled that the two election workers he defamed indeed can go after his assets immediately.

Following the shocking ruling that Rudy Giuliani owes more than $148m to two Georgia election workers the case is just getting worse as time goes on. In the days since the ruling, Giuliani has stuck to his claims still claiming they are true despite having been found to have defamed the two women in the court of law.

Those actions outside the courthouse led to a 2nd round in the courtroom where it was then ordered that the two could begin going after his assets immediately.

CNN reports that Giuliani has since filed for bankruptcy in wake of the ruling. Giuliani ‘s bankruptcy lawyers told the network that the filing should come as a surprise to no one and implied that they intend to use it to buy time to file an appeal.

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