PHOTO EXCLUSIVE: 1996 yearbook photo shows Jacob Moore (aka Mississippi realtor Zacharia Varughese) who is accused of failing to disclose his past felony charges to MS Real Estate Commission

BAZAAR DAILY has obtained a copy of a 1996 yearbook photo showing a young man identified as Jacob Moore. Varughese has already admitted to attending Central High School in a deposition also obtained by this newspaper.

The yearbook photograph has been redacted to protect the privacy and the names of others found in the book. Central High School is located in Saint Joseph Missouri where he also admitted in the same deposition he is from and has a long association with.

For reference per Varughese ‘s own Zillow profile this is a present photograph.

In the mentioned deposition, Varughese admits to having attended this high school, however, we were unable to find a yearbook photograph for anyone listed as Zacharia Varughese who would’ve attended during this time.

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