Fraudster George Santos is trying to weasel his way out of prison time in ‘productive’ talks with the feds

Fraudster George Santos who is staring down the barrel of some pretty hard time is trying to get out of said hard time. According to reports and his own claims, Santos is ‘in productive’ talks with the feds as they attempt to figure out where to go next.

Infamous lying Representative George Santos (only the 6th member ever to be booted from Congress) is certainly struggling to stay out of prison. Reports out Tuesday indicate that Santos ‘s legal team is attempting to negotiate with the feds in an effort to keep the notorious grifter and liar out of prison — amid reports that he is raking in big bucks on Cameo.

On Tuesday, Santos and his legal team appeared in court where it was revealed to the judge that Santos does not intend to leave politics forever. The disgraced liar told the judge, per WABC Radio, that he ‘wants to eventually return to Congress’ after ‘regaining the trust of the American people.’

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