Lying fraudster George Santos has been released on bond totaling $500,000

Republican Representative George Santos is finally facing the music over allegations that he has been defrauding others. Defrauding that prosecutors say also included his own campaign by way of embezzling funds.

Santos stands accused of embezzling two separate so-called campaign donations. In that situation, prosecutors allege that instead of applying the funds to his campaign — he lavishly spent them on himself. Luxury items; debt payments, credit card payments, prosecutors allege he used the funds to appropriate his life almost entirely top down.

To make matters worse, the indictment also revealed that Santos had been quietly collecting unemployment checks while claiming to be a millionaire.

Santos has now had to surrender his passport and is only allowed to go to New York City and Washington DC. Permission must be granted for travel elsewhere.

During the hearing, it is understood Santos pleaded not guilty to all 13 federal charges against him.

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