George Santos is trying to keep the identities of his bond co-signers secret because they’re scared of people finding out they’re propping up a con man

Lying New York Rep George Santos recently made bail to the tune of $500,000. Of course with that came the curious question, who paid it, but more importantly, why did they do so? Lawyers for Santos are now trying to keep this information private for good.

Motions filed by lawyers for George Santos this week are trying to keep a lid on apparent secret names helping prop up George Santos and pay his legal fees. According to court documents, lawyers for Santos are now arguing that those who forked over $500,000 should not be required to be identified and all records should be sealed.

Interestingly, Santos ‘s lawyers told the courts that he would rather go to jail than their identities be made public.

CBS News reports. “There is little doubt that the suretors will suffer some unnecessary form of retaliation if their identities and employment are revealed,” the motion reads.

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