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Regarding our future on X as advertisers continue to bail and Alex Jones of all people was welcomed back to the platform

Our social media presence has universally always been in good faith. Rather than act like a newspaper with a stick in a hard place, we are known for not only our presence but engaging with everyone.

So we feel this is important. We’ve been on Twitter since before Twitter was Twitter. We’ve watched the app grow; fall, grow some more, and then almost in an uncanny like fashion explode before the world’s stage. This week the platform has welcomed back conspiracy theorist and prolific liar and that Sandy Hook guy Alex Jones.

We mentioned the other day how we intend to expand and grow along with our audience but this cannot be done on a platform like X. We unequivocally condemn all forms of hate whether antisemitism; Islamophobia or others. We do not care where you are from, what you look like, or your background you are always welcome in our community.

As a result of Jones being brought back, we’re exploring other options for a new home for our content on social media. The intended media buys we were going to place on X have been suspended and will not be completed. We simply cannot support a platform that has done the things X has done, and we certainly cannot support a platform that supports Alex Jones.

We may suspend our own media buys all together as we simply do not want to be associated with the hate so freely flowing through much of social media these days. Our website will remain fully functional as always — we are also considering opening our own version of a social media deal on our website allowing our users to return right where they read the news every day.

What Alex Jones did was not free speech. What Alex Jones did was not free speech. Keep repeating that until it sinks in just in case there was any confusion.

We do not intend to post or ‘tweet’ anymore but users will be able to find previously posted content on the page.

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