Notorious Gambino killer set to be sprung from prison in PA next month

Gambino associate Anthony Senter, 68, is set to be sprung from prison next month in Pennsylvania. In case that name isn’t familiar, glad you asked.

The Lowdown

As an associate of the Gambino crime family, Senter is tied to at least 11 bodies all of which died of such horrific means we won’t talk about that here. According to reports, the Department of Corrections believes the danger he once posed in 1989 no longer exists.

Senter was first arrested in 1989 and sentenced to 20 years to life in prison for his participation in the murders. He was largely known at the time for working with a made man associated with the Gambino family. He will only have served 35 years of his sentence.

At the time of the original arrest, he and six other mobsters were also hit with racketeering charges, including narcotics trafficking, auto theft, loan sharking, and extortion.

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